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The North Jersey Rail Coalition’s mission is to connect communities in Passaic, Bergen and Hudson Counties through phased commuter rail investments along the existing alignment of the New York Susquehanna & Western (NYS&W) Railway. 


The first phase of the project would originate in Hawthorne (Passaic County) adjacent to the existing Bergen Main Line Passenger Service station and end in the City of Hackensack (Bergen County). The second phase will use the NYS&W freight tracks to extend services into Hudson County, offering a seamless connection to the Hudson-Bergen Light Rail at the Tonnelle Avenue Station, offering a rail connection between Paterson and Jersey City for the first time.

 Economic Development

The goal of new commuter rail service is to spur and enhance redevelopment efforts along the corridor and encourage private investment in housing and commercial space. Mass transit is a proven driver of economic activity that can increase local tax bases, alleviate traffic congestion, and create sustainable communities with vibrant local downtowns. New commuter rail service would serve as a catalyst for redevelopment plans already completed for the City of Paterson, ongoing revitalization efforts in downtown Hackensack, and provide a new connection for workers and residents to employment and recreation opportunities in Hudson County. New investment would also provide more reliable and safe freight rail service which would share access along the existing rail corridor.

Connecting Major Employment Centers

St. Joseph’s Regional Medical Center and the Hackensack University Medical Center – two of New Jersey’s top employers – are both strategically situated in close proximity to the commuter line. The second phase of the project would link communities in Passaic and Bergen Counties with major employment opportunities in Jersey City and other Hudson County employment centers.

A Regional Mass Transit Network

A key aspect of the North Jersey Rail Coalition is connecting as many of the existing commuter rail service lines across Northern New Jersey, providing more efficient links to jobs and services and reducing the burden on an already overtaxed system of highways and local roadways. Moreover, expanding service towards Hudson County offers an inexpensive and reliable means of connecting North Jersey communities in one of the most densely populated and heavily traveled areas of the Country.

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